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The research and art practice of Rosemary Marchant.

Ramblings of an art intern #1

I have been at my internship for about 6 weeks now.  In that time we have had two major events, firstly the opening of the first show in the new space.  This was my first opening that was not university or student related. I chatted to a few interesting people but mostly stopped people from walking into the art, which is apparently a lot harder than it sounds even when the work is at least 2 metres high.  
The second big event was last week during Frieze. I am not working at a commercial space so we were not selling works at Frieze.  Instead there was an evening of performances in the space.  This was harder work that the opening night, possibly because I had less cocktails.  The crowds of people following a performance by artist Eddie Peake around meant that I got angry and disgruntled looks when I asked people to please not lean on the very fragile works.  I almost beginning to feel that I don’t like people.
Apart from last minute phone calls to friends to find performers for Frieze night my main role currently has been to research artists.  This is for writing captions and to try to find artists who could be in the final part of the exhibition. (The exhibition is is 3 parts called ‘movements’ the third of which starts in January and the second on 15th November).  I’ve begun to realise just how little I know about art despite doing a degree in it.  
I realise that this all sounds very negetive but I am finding the work interesting.  Yesterday I was in a van carrying a Gerhard Richter painting on my lap and the week before I was installing a Charles Avery drawing in a fancy office.  I am meeting artists and learning a lot.
If only I was paid…