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Ramblings of an art intern #2

Must not mention the cockroaches…
It’s been a pretty hectic month in the gallery.  We’re slowly changing the show around to create a totally new exhibition by Thursday. For me this has meant caption madness.  I’ve never been a fan of captions in gallery spaces, but I appreciate that many people enjoy having them there and sometimes it is nice to have more information than title, year and artist.  However, I am beginning to get fed up with formatting, printing and cutting captions on tracing paper.  Admittedly, now that I have finally got my head around indesign its all a lot easier, but laying things out the same on three different versions of word is a nightmare.  I never want to see another caption again in my life.  But I know I have more to print on Thursday.

Starting this weekend we have a series of events such as talks and workshops starting know as ‘the school’ and ‘kitchen conversations’ the later of which is hosted by Ruth Beale and I will be more involved in.  For example this week I am baking a cake for the first session ( have a look here for some examples of my baking! http://rosiecooks.tumblr.com/ )

otherwise gallery life is carrying on pretty much as normal.  And on a very positive note, I’ve managed to find time to make some work (see previous posts) its all very exciting.