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The research and art practice of Rosemary Marchant.

Ramblings of an art intern #3

I have now reached the half way point of my internship!  The last few weeks have been pretty hectic as we race to get everything sorted for the next movement of the exhibition before the christmas break. The nature of the exhibition means that we are installing a room at a time so that the ‘Second Movement’ slowly transforms into the ‘third movement’, this process begins next week.

For me this has meant sourcing some works and writing and researching captions for all of the works in the exhibition.  I’ve found writing the captions more challenging than I had expected.  My writing style is very different from the style the gallery wishes for its captions and it has taken a while for me to get used to what they want.

As I will finish my internship at the end of February I have begun the search for what comes next.  I have been debating recently as to whether I can afford to do more unpaid work and have concluded that I cannot.  I want to have more time to work on my practice, which I have done very little of recently.  In order to have more time, I need a paid position.  I’d also like to be able to move out of my parents home.  And so the hunt begins!